The 307


Father is ‘Bertari’ direct son of the famous C & G Koopman couple ‘Bert’ x ‘Baccarat’. ‘Bert’ is 1. National Ace One Day Long Distance 2014 and won a/o 3x 1. Prize, 2 Quievrain 1085 b. 7. Moeskroen 1507 b. 9. Quievrain 5858 b. ‘Baccarat’ won 1 National Ace One Day Long Distance The Fondspiegel in 2011/2012/2013/2014. Mother is ‘Magic Anantha’ original C. & G. Koopman collectors item; one of the last children from ‘Magic Man’ who won a/o 1. Nat. Le Mans North 15,252 b. 3. National Le Mans 99,104 b. Car winner on Nat. Le Mans ‘Magic Man’ is g.father ‘Solange’ Olympiad bird allround 2009 5x 1. Nat. acebird 1. NPO Argenton 6,595 b. New base breeder G. & S. Verkerk.


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