unnamed-2On the 19th and 20th of November 2016 Aaldering Pigeons will join the Pipa team by attending on the Langfang Pigeon Exhibition in China. With a floor space of about 12,000 square meters the Langfang Exhibition is the biggest in the world. With this trip of international pigeon fanciers Pipa aims to close the gap between the Chinese and European fanciers and to offer them the chance to exchange ideas with each other. The Aaldering Pigeons team will be present at booth 135 where we have approximately 15 special selected pigeons from the best international bloodlines available for sale.


Despite the fact that we will sell pigeons in Langfang, the focus of the trip will be more about making our first contacts with the Chinese fanciers in person than selling our pigeons. We think that by investing in this trip it can give us a lot of future opportunities. After all the pigeon sport in China is still growing rapidly and the interest for top class racing pigeons from Europe is tremendous. So there are huge chances for every pigeon fancier. In this respect we think that the trip will be very successful for us.


For those who will visit the Langfang Pigeon Exhibition we look forward to meeting you personally in our booth at number 135.