aaldering-bookAaldering Pigeons is proud to be presented in the new edition of the PIPA Collectors Edition IV. This unique book is where the International pigeon world is looking forward to. In a short period the exclusive book made a name for itself; all over the world. With a circulation of 20,000 copies it is the best way to promote your pigeons and loft to fanciers all over the world. The Chinese version has already been given away for free at the Langfang Pigeon Expo in China this November.


If you want a free copy just visit one of the following International pigeon shows: Lanzhou (China, November 2016). The Olympiad (Belgium, January 2017). Fugare (Belgium, February 2017). International Spring exchange (Netherlands, March 2017). Soon you will also be available to order it online on www.pipacollectorsedition.nl