With the recent acquisition of ’Special Gert x Lincia I’ at the Stefaan Lambrechts PIPA auction, Aaldering Pigeons confirms their strong beliefs in the top quality of the Lambrechts strain. The pigeon is bred from Stefaan’s base breeder ‘Blauw Gert’, who is father to 3x 1. including the fastest bird from 13.188 pigeons. ‘Blauw Gert’ is also grandfather of the world famous ’Olympic Rosita’ of Belgian master Dirk Van Den Bulck. She was Olympiad bird in 2012 and 4. National Ace KBDB 2012. ’Olympic Rosita’ also bred superstar ‘Kittel’ 1. National ace KBDB speed 2013. The unbelievable genes from father’s side is paired with the astonishing genetic code of Lambrechts wonder pigeons ‘Lincia’ with the lowest coefficient ever she is best Shorter Middle Distance KBDB bird that has flown in the the Belgian sky! It is safe to say it will take a while before another pigeon can break this record. ‘Lincia’ won a/o 3x 1. against 1,243, 958 and 720 birds.


For us this is another addition to our Stefaan Lambrechts collection that contains a/o 3 cocks ‘The 510’ parents are ’Blauwe Gert’ x ‘Van Loock duivin’ (Base pair). ‘The 542’ brother ‘Lincia’ (full brother to ‘Lincia’) and ‘The 012’ inbred ‘Lincia’ (‘Lincia’ x her grand father). We have hens from a/o ‘The 745’ (Brother ‘Goede Rode’ x ‘de 40000’ v. Den Bulck) x (‘Blauwe Gert’ x ‘Van Loock hen’). ‘The 258’ (‘New Rossi’ x ‘Eenoogske’ from Leo Heremans) x (‘Blauwe Gert’ x ‘Van Loock hen’) and ‘The 088’ ‘Steffie’ father Steffie x mother Steffie. Both parents have great racing results.