Dear pigeon fanciers, in two weeks time we will offer a great selection of youngsters from our best breeders at fixed prices. We will also offer some short distance performance racers. The offered pigeons will be of the best and proven bloodlines from “Gerard Koopman”, “Bas en Gerard Verkerk”, “Pieter Veenstra”, “Stefaan Lambrechts” etc. A unique opportunity to acquire great pedigree pigeons for fixed and realistic prices! The sale will start on 7th of November 12:00 O’clock. “First come, first serve” base. We can assist with shipping, and Pigeons can stay at our loft, when fully paid, to be collected at a later time. Please visit our website page at the 7th of November to see the first offered pigeons.

For more info you can reach me by whatsapp 0031648492637.

The 2019 was a fantastic season with great results, many important victories and top results! also the last one day distance race was again a super result for Aaldering Pigeons.

6 April: 1, 7, Tilburg 98 km – 692 pigeons.
13 April: 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Tienen – 293 pigeons (3 1.334 pigeons).
20 April: 1, 21, 75, 80 Bierges 185 km – 7.193 pigeons.
27 April: 1, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15e Quievrain 253 km – 155 pigeons (10, 11, 22, 23 against 4.512 pigeons)
4 May: 1, 2, 9, 18, 20 Niergnies 296 km – 318 pigeons (4, 5, against 5.184 pigeons).
11 May: 3, 7, 9 Morlincourt 356 km – 339 pigeons (15, 46, 71, department 8 GOU 23.392 pigeons).
1 June: 1, 2, 6, 7 Soissons 354 km – 1.638 pigeons (2 and 3 department 8 GOU 18.250 pigeons).
22 June: 3 Issoudun 645 km – 474 pigeons (14 NPO 5.338 pigeons)
6 July: 1, 4, 6, 22,55, 68, 78, 91, 97, 105, 124 Zone 2 NU Chateauroux 668 km – 4.892 pigeons.
13 July: 1 Reims 350 km – 143 pigeons. 8th on Teletekst 4.871 pigeons.
20 July: 1 Quievrain 255 km – 59 pigeons (2 against 593 pigeons).
20 July: 8 NPO Chateaudun 565 km – 3.417 pigeons.
3 August: 1, 2, 3 Vierzon 615 km – 77 pigeons (7, 12, 16, 33 Zone 2 II 3.397 pigeons).


Aaldering Pigeons takes the 7th place in the Noordelijke Unie competition.

The Noordelijke Unie is the semi-National competition where all the Northern & Eastern provinces of The Netherlands race. So 5 of 11 Dutch provinces fight each other in this unique competition! In 2019 around 1,500 fanciers send over 17,000 birds.

The 2019 was a fantastic season with great results, many important victories and top results! also the last one day distance race was again a super result for Aaldering Pigeons.

In November of last year Mr. Wangshugang from China paid us a visit to see and check out the quality of our pigeons. A nice collection of our birds is going to China. Last year Mr. Wangshugang won the 6th prize of the Pioneer club final, so they are in good hands.

The Pioneer Club is a prestige and exclusive elite club where the cream de la crème of the Chinese pigeon Sport crosses the swords, is widely regarded as the biggest competition in the world, and certainly has the highest prize money.


1st race: Geel (Belgium) 131 km

Nice season start 4,10,22,34,36,38,39,43 etc. Against 6739 pigeons.

From the 96 entered pigeons 62 flew a price!

Great overall results for Aaldering Pigeons at the first official race of the 2018 season.

Liberation time: 12:45
Wind direction: W

In the first 20 minutes we clocked 60 pigeons.
We entered 96 pigeons, all are back home safe again.

Overall Results:
Region against 6739 Pigeons: 4,10,22,34,36,38,39,43,81,110 etc.
Kring against 2298 Pigeons: 4,10,21,32,34,36,37,41,78,98 etc.
Club/small region against 509 Pigeons: 3,6,12,20,22,24,25,29,46,57 etc.

3/4 of the pigeons entered are day distance racers so this race was a bit short for them.

Our first three pigeons are bred from our vitesse/short distance base breeder bloodline.


2nd race: Tienen (Belgium) 164 km

Last Saturday we had race number two from Tienen Belgium.

We had a very good overall result with a prize percentage of 50%++ overall.

164 kms, northeast wind ( wind against), we boxed/entered 99 pigeons in total.

Club against 554 pigeons:
3, 18,19,20,21,22,36,39,49,52 etc.

Area “The ijssel” against 2450 pigeons:
3,29,30,31,36,37,67,85,102,109 etc.

Region 4 against 7173 pigeons:
22,84,85,91,105,110,188,222 etc.

3rd race: Niergnies (France)

7-10-11-15-44-45-46 etc Niergnies.

Yesterday we raced from Niergnies, 297 km, good weather, wind: east.

Club against 519 pigeons:
7-10-11-15-44-45-46 etc.

Area “The ijssel” against 2122 pigeons:
9-15-16-30-94-95 etc.

Region 4 against 7100 pigeons:
13-31-33-73 etc.

Pretty good overall result, the east wind was a bit though for our yearling pigeons but they did well. Results can always be better, motivated for next week.

Our first three pigeons are al direct family from our Gerard Koopman bloodline “Jerson”.

4th race: Quievrain (Belgium) 255 km

Last Saturday we raced from Quievrain 255 km. Good overall result.

I think they are getting in shape for the day distance races quite well.
Training is going very good and the are getting better every week, they should be ready for the day distance races that are starting within two weeks. Hopes are high!


Club level, against 480 pigeons:
7-11-15-18-24-26-29-34-35 etc.

Level area The ijssel against 2135 pigeons:
10-17-27-32-53-55-72-86 etc.

Region against 6955 pigeons:
24-40-58-78-120-122 etc.

5th race: Pithiviers (France) 518 km

Great result Pithiviers

3rd  against 1890 pigeons.

Last Saturday we had our first day distance race from Pithiviers France. 518 km and tough weather conditions with wind direction east and 25-27 degrees.

Our first pigeons was a 2014 hen the “339”.

See preformed very well over the last couple of years.

Club: 2nd against 426 pigeons.
Area: 3rd against 1890 pigeons.
Region: 22nd against 6699 pigeons.

6th race: Vervins (France) 297 km

Great result Vervins
2-5-11-29 etc against 1397 pigeons
6-11-24-78 etc. against 4301 pigeons.
2-3-5-16 etc. against 334 pigeons

Last Saturday we had our last short distance race from Vervins France, 297 km.

A hard race with east wind and warm weather so though weather conditions.

We are very pleased with the overall result.



Aaldering Pigeons is proud to announce our astonishing last years prize of third overall young birds 2017 IJsselstreek!

Nothing better than a good start of the year 2018 with a baby boom! Many top quality strains in the making such as Lambrechts, Verkerk, Koopman etc.

The Mees Doornekamp base breeders collection comes to Brummen!!

We are proud to present our latest additions for our breeding loft.

Aaldering Pigeons bought 7 of the best performers/base breeders of the well-known pigeon fancier and friend Mees Doornekamp from Hoevelaken The Netherlands.

Mees Doornekamp is well known for his impressive and very successful day distance pigeon strain. Many national champions, NPO winners are bred from this bloodline!

The first one we would like to introduce is: Base breeder “Brother TIM” NL 08-1718711
A splendid quality and proven cock.

The best and most successful Base breeder at Mees Doornekamp!!

1st NPO Salbris against 7558
2nd NPO Salbris against 8890
1st Morlincourt 2108
1st St. Quentin against 1488
1st St. Quentin against 1488

3rd TT Melon against 4600
5th NPO Melon against 10646
1st Minderhout against 7727
4th St. Katelijne against 4826

The second pigeon that we would like to introduce is:


One of the best and most successful Base breeders at Mees Doornekamp!!

Father to “Kleine Blauwe”:
7X 1st prize —-19X top 3!

1st NPO Melon against 4697
3th St. Quentin against 2641
4th Lessine against 2358
5th Niergnies against 3211
6th Quievrain against 7117
7th Niergnies against 11744
8th Lessines against 12505

And so on….



The third pigeon that we would like to introduce is:


Mother and grand mother to many first prize winners!

One of the best and most successful Base breeders at Mees Doornekamp!!




The fourth one we would like to introduce is: Base breeder “Brother TIM” NL 08-1718712
A splendid quality and proven cock.

The best and most successful Base breeder at Mees Doornekamp!!


Very special breeding hen.

Never raced, got injured as a youngster en went straight on the breeding loft.



The fith one we would like to introduce is: Base breeder “daughter TIM” the “486”
A splendid quality and proven breeding hen.

The best and most successful Base breeder at Mees Doornekamp!!

Sister to top pigeons like:
1 npo Salbris against 7558 pigeons
2 npo Salbris against 8890 pigeons
1 Morlincourt against 2180 pigeons
1 st. Quentin against 1488 pigeons.

Father of the 486 is the famous ” 711″ the base breeder of Mees Doornekamp and the Mother is the superb hen and direct daughter of ” Arathorn!

Team Aaldering Pigeons is attending to the 2018 Algarve pigeons golden race 2018 with 3 pigeons of our Bas Verkerk, Gerard Koopman, Doornekamp, Pieter Veenstra bloodlines.

We will keep you up to date!

100% Stefaan Lambrechts breeding pair. One of our top breeding pairs!

COCK: Blauwe Gert/ Van Loock X sister Steffie ( Top performer at Eijerkamp pigeons)

Hen: direct daughter of the famous Lincia!

One of the several Stefaan Lambrechts breeding pairs at Aaldering Pigeons.

Best of Bas Verkerk And Gerard Koopman Pigeons breeding at Aaldering Pigeons.

One of our top breeding pairs for the day distance racing. One of several Bas Verkerk en Gerard Koopman breeding Pigeons.

Cock: 100% Verkerk: Tyson X Kiki-Kate !

Hen: 100% Koopman. Direct Daughter Jerson!( Jerson X Top Girl)


Today our friend and doctor Dierenartsenpraktijk J. van der Sluis Hans payed us a visit to have a look at our pigeons together with loft manager Piet Schrijvers. Good news; all pigeons are healthy and looking well. We always do several checks during the year to insure a strong and healthy pigeon colony at Aaldering Pigeons.

Today we installed six new Hermes big breeding boxes. Thanks to Dietmar Hermes.

In the large breeding box, only two boxes are arranged one above the other. This results in a much more comfortable box height. The cabinet depth is also five centimeters larger for these boxes. As a result, thebreeding couples can also be fixed temporarily, thus a cross fertilization can be excluded.With these breeding boxes a high-quality feeding trough with compartmentation and a drinking trough with wood mounting are included.

We are proud to announce that Aaldering Pigeons will appear in the first edition of the GPS-Champions magazine, created by GPS-Auctions. This exclusive magazine will be distributed worldwide in Chinese and English and with a total of 25.000 copies!


Below you can find the preview of our page:

(This article is available in Dutch only)
Het in 2014 gevormde team Aaldering Pigeons heeft als doel om zo snel mogelijk tot de top van de Nederlandse duivensport te behoren. Met een glansrijke zege op Vervins tegen 4.179 duiven bevestigt Aaldering Pigeons zijn status als nieuwe ster aan het Nederlandse firmament.


Team Aaldering Pigeons (links Piet Schrijvers en rechts Nick Aaldering)


Team Aaldering Pigeons

Team Aaldering Pigeons bestaat sinds het jaar 2014 en wordt gevormd door Nick Aaldering en soigneur Piet Schrijvers. Nick weet wat het is om een doel voor ogen te hebben en daar met een goede visie en gericht beleid naartoe te werken. Als directeur van Europa’s grootste classic car-dealer The Gallery in Brummen kan hij veel parallellen met de duivensport trekken. Klassieke auto’s zijn populair onder een groep liefhebbers die een hart hebben voor hun product. Het is de emotie en het gevoel die in deze branche doorslaggevend zijn. Duivensporters hebben de liefde voor een duif. Daarnaast stellen ze een doel voor zichzelf. In Nicks geval was dat doel vanaf het begin van Aaldering Pigeons in 2014 duidelijk: binnen afzienbare tijd tot de top van de Nederlandse duivensport willen behoren. Ambitieus, maar juist dat hoge ambitieniveau loopt als een rode draad door Nicks leven. Het was zijn lang gekoesterde wens om de duivensport te beoefenen op een semiprofessioneel niveau.

Omdat Nicks baan intensief en tijdrovend is, wordt hij in de duivensport bijgestaan door Piet Schrijvers. Piet heeft zijn sporen al ruimschoots verdiend in de duivensport. Piet kende grote successen in Wageningen voordat hij in de jaren 90 Team Eijerkamp kwam versterken en met hen vele successen vierde. NPO-overwinningen, Olympiadeduiven en nationale asduiftitels werden gewonnen onder de bezielende leiding van Piet. Na Piets vertrek bij Eijerkamp zocht hij een nieuwe uitdaging en die vond hij bij Nick Aaldering. Nicks bevlogenheid en ambitie in combinatie met Piets vakmanschap zorgden ervoor dat er in ‘no time’ aansprekende resultaten werden neergezet.

De visie van Nick is dat je zelf de juiste voorwaarden moet scheppen om op een hoog niveau de duivensport te kunnen beoefenen, zijnde: zorgen voor een topaccommodatie, goede duiven en een goede begeleiding. Zorg voor goed kweekmateriaal van bewezen lijnen en kweek daar veel uit. Door een strenge selectie van de duiven op prestaties en gezondheid smeden Nick en Piet een ploeg duiven waarmee hun doel bereikt moet kunnen worden. Daarnaast vinden ze het heel belangrijk om veel tijd te besteden aan de duiven. Je moet je duiven goed leren kennen, op de juiste manier trainen en weten wanneer bij te sturen. Dat ze daarmee al op de goede weg zijn, bewijzen de prestaties van de afgelopen jaren.


Overwinning Vervins

Een mooie prestatie is de overwinning van het afgelopen weekend op de vlucht vanuit Vervins. Hun duif NL16-1258606 was 4.181 duiven in Afdeling 8 Zuid 4 te snel af. Maar ook hun totaalprestatie mocht er zeker zijn: 1-10-73-96-102-110-111-165-262-351-353-386-etc. (44/23). De winnende duif, Red Mustang 606, is een bijzonder temperamentvolle duif, een echt ‘wringer’ in de hand, zeer trouw aan zijn bak en gericht op de melker. “De duif was goed in de voorbereiding naar de vlucht toe”, aldus Nick. “Het is een duif die je echt ziet groeien in vorm en prestaties gedurende het seizoen.” Hij is gekweekt uit de beste lijnen van de Belgische liefhebber Frans Verlinden met een vleugje Hasendonckx. Bestudeer hier de stamboom van de Red Mustang 606 uitvoerig.


Het duivenbestand

Het huidige duivenbestand kreeg vorm met de aankoop van rechtstreekse duiven bij, volgens Nick en Piet, de beste Nederlandse spelers van het moderne tijdperk: Gerard Koopman en Gerard & Bas Verkerk. Bij Gerard Koopman werden kinderen gekocht uit zijn allerbeste duiven, waaronder:

Bij Verkerk werd zeer gericht geïnvesteerd in kinderen van:

Behalve bij de genoemde Nederlandse toppers werd ook flink geïnvesteerd in duiven van de Belgische topper Stefaan Lambrechts. Aaldering Pigeons baarde opzien door de laatste jaren de meest complete Lincia-collectie op hun kweekhokken te krijgen, natuurlijk op Stefaan Lambrechts zelf na. Nick was enorm onder de indruk van de prestaties die Lincia tot 1e Nationale Asduif Kleine Halve Fond KBDB 2015 kroonden, en dat met het beste coëfficiënt in de geschiedenis van de Belgische duivensport! Bij zijn eerste bezoek aan Stefaan was er direct een klik tussen beide mannen en Nick en Piet zagen in de Lincia-lijnen de ontbrekende schakel voor hun kweekkolonie. In korte tijd verhuisden diverse broers, zussen en kinderen van Lincia naar de Aaldering-kweekhokken. Ook een zoon Blauwe Gert x Van Loock Duivin (stamkoppel Lambrechts) en een zus van Steffie, winnaar 1e Quiévrain tegen 2.617 duiven, 2e Asse-Zellik tegen 2.683 duiven en 3e Quiévrain tegen 7.221 duiven verhuisden naar Nederland. De eerste kinderen van die pareltjes zitten inmiddels op het jongeduivenhok en zullen vanaf juli stevig aan de tand worden gevoeld. Nick is er volledig van overtuigd dat die duiven hem een extra duwtje richting de hoogste trede zullen geven! Nick denkt dat deze duiven ook gerust de langere midfond en dagfond aankunnen. Lambrechts x Verkerk x Koopman, dat zal het firmament van de kolonie Aaldering Pigeons zijn.


Stefaan Lambrechts en Nick Aaldering


Lincia BE15-6108145

Die geweldige duif heeft het hart gestolen van Nick en Piet. Met een ongelofelijk coëfficiënt van 0,483 haalde Lincia de titel van 1e Nationale Asduif binnen. Nooit in de geschiedenis van de nationale kampioenschappen deed een jonge duif het op de kleine halve fond beter. Het zou wel eens heel lang kunnen duren vooraleer dat record verbroken wordt. Zij stelde op de vluchten waar zij aan deelnam dan ook een ongekend meesterschap tentoon. Zie hier haar ongelofelijke prestaties:

Souppes   Union    1.243 d.  1
Zone Oost            507 d.  1
Souppes   Union    2.391 d.  2
Zone Oost            958 d.  1
Souppes   Union    2.031 d.  2
Zone Oost            720 d.  1
Souppes   Mechelen   605 d.  3
Turnhout-Mech      1.348 d.  3
Souppes   Union    1.185 d.  7
Zone Oost            401 d.  2
Souppes   Union      963 d.  15
Zone Oost            301 d.  7
Quiévrain Diamant    893 d.  5

Lincia (Stefaan Lambrechts)


Mooie toekomst

Met een glansrijke zege op Vervins tegen 4.179 duiven bevestigt Aaldering Pigeons haar status als nieuwe ster aan het Nederlandse firmament. De snelle successen zijn mede het gevolg van investeringen in het beste van Gerard Koopman, Gerard en Bas Verkerk en meest recent Stefaan Lambrechts. Met de gedrevenheid en passie van zowel Nick als Piet daaraan toegevoegd is het slechts een kwestie van tijd voordat we Aaldering Pigeons met regelmaat in de top van de duivensport aantreffen.

Our “Red Mustang” The “606” strikes again for Aaldering Pigeons!

FIRST OF 4179 Pigeons overall!

Yesterday we raced from Vervins, 296 km. And it was a great succes again!

Hereby the results:

Club against 285 Pigeons: 1,2,, 11,14,16,20,21,27 etc.
Kring 1 against 1332 Pigeons: 1,3,21,30,34,40,41,60 etc.
Region against 4179 Pigeons: 1,10,73,96,102,110,111 etc.

Our first Pigeon “Red Mustang” also flew a couple of weeks ago a great race on “Epernay” with the following results: 3-484, 7-1717 and 16th of 5919 Pigeons.

And as youngster last year: 10-1189 Asse Zellik, 5-823 Quievrain and 3-474 Laon.


Second race last Saturday was from “Gien” 550 kms for us. We did very wel and entered 13 Pigeons. The results:

Club against 193 Pigeons: 3, , 21,23,39,41,43,48 etc.
Kring 1 against 705 Pigeons: 6, 41, 47,77,82,87 etc
Region against 2682 Pigeons: 16, 113, 132, 226, 245, 269, 342.

We had a good race with good overall results and hopes are high for the next race!

We will keep you up to date!

1st race: Tienen (Belgium) 164 km

April the 15th was our first official race of the season. It was from Belgium, Tienen 164 km to us. It was a rather hard race they were released much later then scheduled and we had a hard time getting in the loft.. although the results were not bad from the first race:


Club 512 b: 7,8, 19,20,21,22,43,44,46 etc.
Regio 1.881 b: 23,25,42,43,45,122, 129, 132 etc.
Kring 6.267 b: 34,36, 61,61,62,63, 214,234,240 etc.


2nd race: Isnes (Belgium) 202 km

Second race of the season was from Isnes 202 km for us. Again a short distance race, not the best distance for our Pigeons but they did quite well overall. Our first pigeon was a Stefaan Lambrechts hen and our second to eight Pigeons were Gerard Koopman bloodline Pigeons. Results:


Club 510 b: 13,25,29,41,42,43,44 etc.
Kring 1.952 b: 18,46,51,80,81,82,83,119 etc.
Region 6.345 b: 25,69,75,134,139,141,143 etc.


3rd race: Quievrain (Belgium) 254 km.

The third race of the season from quievrain 254 km. Very good overall result: Our first pigeon is a yearling hen called “Miss Quievrain” bred by us.
Pedigree: Gerard Koopman vs. Pieter Veenstra Bloodline.


Club 500 b: FIRST PLACE!
Kring 1.955 b: 5th overall
Region 6.801 b: 8th overal


4th race: Chimay (Belgium) 260 km

Fourth race of the season was a great success! 260 km race from Chimay. The brothers flew as youngster both many prizes. Also first and second place prizes!


Club 496 b: 1,7,12,29,30 etc.
Kring 2.082 b: 3,14,29,57,58,94
Region 6.997 b: 3,45,104,157,158


5th race: Epernay (Belgium) 375 km

Fifth race of the season was again a great overall result for Aaldering Pigeons! Our first Pigeon the 606 bred by us, second Pigeon the 314 and third again the 474 bred by us from the famous “super breeder” couple 100% Gerard Koopman bloodline.


Club 484 b: 3,7,8,19,24,32,38,44,54,69 etc.
Kring 1 1717 b: 7,13,14,50,60,81,102,127,147,202 etc.
Region 5919 b: 16,35,36,131,160,199,253,324,374,534. etc.


6th race: Vervins (Belgium) 296 km

Sixth race of the season was last week and we did well overall. We raced from “Vervins” a race of 296 km for us

Club 464 b: 7,33,34,35,36,38,39 etc.
Kring 1994 b: 16,69,70,72,73,75,76
Region 6240 b: 24,130,131,133,134,137,138


Heads up for the next race, we will keep you up to date on our Facebook! For an overview of our top results this season see our results page!


Ready for the new racing season with our new BENZING Live system at Aaldering Pigeons! BENZING is the brand rich in tradition in recording times in pigeon sport and offers a state-of-the-art technological standard thanks to Gantner know-how. They supply breeders and clubs electronic registration systems, loft antennas and chip-rings on the basis of non-contact identification technology.


With the recent acquisition of ’Special Gert x Lincia I’ at the Stefaan Lambrechts PIPA auction, Aaldering Pigeons confirms their strong beliefs in the top quality of the Lambrechts strain. The pigeon is bred from Stefaan’s base breeder ‘Blauw Gert’, who is father to 3x 1. including the fastest bird from 13.188 pigeons. ‘Blauw Gert’ is also grandfather of the world famous ’Olympic Rosita’ of Belgian master Dirk Van Den Bulck. She was Olympiad bird in 2012 and 4. National Ace KBDB 2012. ’Olympic Rosita’ also bred superstar ‘Kittel’ 1. National ace KBDB speed 2013. The unbelievable genes from father’s side is paired with the astonishing genetic code of Lambrechts wonder pigeons ‘Lincia’ with the lowest coefficient ever she is best Shorter Middle Distance KBDB bird that has flown in the the Belgian sky! It is safe to say it will take a while before another pigeon can break this record. ‘Lincia’ won a/o 3x 1. against 1,243, 958 and 720 birds.


For us this is another addition to our Stefaan Lambrechts collection that contains a/o 3 cocks ‘The 510’ parents are ’Blauwe Gert’ x ‘Van Loock duivin’ (Base pair). ‘The 542’ brother ‘Lincia’ (full brother to ‘Lincia’) and ‘The 012’ inbred ‘Lincia’ (‘Lincia’ x her grand father). We have hens from a/o ‘The 745’ (Brother ‘Goede Rode’ x ‘de 40000’ v. Den Bulck) x (‘Blauwe Gert’ x ‘Van Loock hen’). ‘The 258’ (‘New Rossi’ x ‘Eenoogske’ from Leo Heremans) x (‘Blauwe Gert’ x ‘Van Loock hen’) and ‘The 088’ ‘Steffie’ father Steffie x mother Steffie. Both parents have great racing results.

Brother Lincia Stefaan Lambrechts sold at Night of the Stars auction in Blackpool for 10.500 ,- euro!! Aaldering Pigeons has a full brother and son Lincia for breeding. Youngsters available for sale of brother and son Lincia at our website. Please contact us for further information. The best of the best of Stefaan Lambrechts available at our Pigeons for sale page.


Two beautiful youngsters of full brother “Lincia” Stefaan Lambrechts! The best of Stefaan Lambrechts available at Aaldering Pigeons. Also a direct son of Lincia and a direct son of Blauwe Gert X Van Loock hen available on the breeding loft.


lambrechts2Aaldering Pigeons offers the Stefaan Lambrechts collection, starting 27 – 11 – 2016!

Exclusively at Gps-auctions Elshout, Aaldering Pigeons offers the pearls of their unique Lambrechts collection in auction! True collectors’ items in the breeding loft of Nick Aaldering were decisive for a great season with sublime series of top positions that definitely ranks him amongst the biggest champions. In this auction Aaldering pigeons offers 10 pigeons 100% percent pure bred Stefaan Lambrechts, bred from the very best bloodlines that can be found on the lofts of Stefaan!!! Grandchildren of wonderhen “Lincia”, 1st national acepigeon with a record coefficient but also grandchildren to foundation pair “Blauwe Gert” x “Van look duivin” , Children of full Brother Lincia and direct son Lincia….. Simply the best of Stefaan Lambrechts! A rare opportunity to acquire the best of the best from Stefaan Lambrechts!

powered by Vanrobaeys – Belgian Top Quality Pigeon Feed

expoWe had a great and very successful show at the China Racing Pigeon Expo in Langfang. The trip that was very good organized and gave us a great inside of the huge Chinese market. At Langfang we made our first contacts with some nice Chinese fanciers. Although we heard that selling pigeons on the Langfang show is not easy we sold all of our pigeons. We will definetly participate again next year.


aaldering-bookAaldering Pigeons is proud to be presented in the new edition of the PIPA Collectors Edition IV. This unique book is where the International pigeon world is looking forward to. In a short period the exclusive book made a name for itself; all over the world. With a circulation of 20,000 copies it is the best way to promote your pigeons and loft to fanciers all over the world. The Chinese version has already been given away for free at the Langfang Pigeon Expo in China this November.


If you want a free copy just visit one of the following International pigeon shows: Lanzhou (China, November 2016). The Olympiad (Belgium, January 2017). Fugare (Belgium, February 2017). International Spring exchange (Netherlands, March 2017). Soon you will also be available to order it online on

unnamed-2On the 19th and 20th of November 2016 Aaldering Pigeons will join the Pipa team by attending on the Langfang Pigeon Exhibition in China. With a floor space of about 12,000 square meters the Langfang Exhibition is the biggest in the world. With this trip of international pigeon fanciers Pipa aims to close the gap between the Chinese and European fanciers and to offer them the chance to exchange ideas with each other. The Aaldering Pigeons team will be present at booth 135 where we have approximately 15 special selected pigeons from the best international bloodlines available for sale.


Despite the fact that we will sell pigeons in Langfang, the focus of the trip will be more about making our first contacts with the Chinese fanciers in person than selling our pigeons. We think that by investing in this trip it can give us a lot of future opportunities. After all the pigeon sport in China is still growing rapidly and the interest for top class racing pigeons from Europe is tremendous. So there are huge chances for every pigeon fancier. In this respect we think that the trip will be very successful for us.


For those who will visit the Langfang Pigeon Exhibition we look forward to meeting you personally in our booth at number 135.

news-tumb-aaldering-champion-resultsFor us the 2016 season was already a great success because we could see that our investment in some great bloodlines where already visible. But today our season was crowned with the Superfondclub Championship young birds GOU 2016!!


Our youngsters of the Gerard koopman and Frans Rutten bloodlines showed their superb quality. This due to the hard work of loft manager and friend Piet Schrijvers who made this Championship possible. We already have a good feeling for the next season, but this championship gave our hopes an even greater boost! We also would like thanks the Vanrobaeys for supplying our pigeons with top quality pigeon food that surely made a great impact on the total performance of our loft.

news-tumb-team-aaldering-pigeonsWith the speed of light Aaldering Pigeons storms the top of the highest mountains in pigeon racing. The base bloodlines are amongst the best in the world. A truly unique collection of original Koopman breeders … a select team of original Lambrechts birds … gold nuggets original from Pieter Veenstra, Bas Verkerk … and 2 children of Europa Cup topper ‘Gigi’ of Alwin Petrie; in pigeon sport there’s nothing better. Nick Aaldering transforms the golden genes of these breeders into a winning team of pigeons.


Nick Aaldering and loft manager Piet Schrijvers rushed for the top after their entree in sport in 2014. A goal achieved sooner than anyone could have expected; 2016 was the year of the definite breakthrough with repeating series of top positions including a/o 3 massive wins against renowned champions like the Eijerkamp family, Marcel Sangers, Alwin Petrie, etc. The main ingredient for this successful entrance in pigeon sport is a colony of exceptional breeders. Aaldering Pigeons owns one of the strongest modern Koopman breeding colonies … and brought in the best from Veenstra, Lambrechts, Verkerk, Rutten and Petrie to cross to these top value breeders. No wonder top performances came so quickly for the new-born Dutch super champion.

news-tumb-bad-weatherLast Sunday we had a pretty difficult/hard race from “Nanteuil Le Handouin”. Scheduled to race on Saturday but due the bad weather conditions the race was on Sunday.
The race was 405 km, and our lovely hen “Tikki” with ring number 14-6120252 was our first pigeon to arrive in Brummen.

Good result seen the conditions/circumstances of this race. 
She was the second pigeons in our club of 142 in total.
7th from 569 in our region
18th overall of 2319 pigeons. We hope for better weather conditions for the coming race..

aaldering-pigeons-inbred-Lincia-stefaan-lambrechtsaaldering-pigeons-brother-Lincia-stefaan-lambrechtsToday was the big day, I went to my friend Stefaan Lambrechts to collect my pigeons. I bought several pigeons at the Pipa auction. Three beautiful cocks and three hens’s with great pedigree.

The 510 cock Blauwe Gert x Van Loock duivin ( Base pair)
The 542 cock brother Lincia ” (full brother to the legend Lincia)
The 012 cock Inbred Lincia ( Lincia X her grand father)

The 745 hen (Brother goede rode X de 40000 v. Den Bulck) X (Blauwe Gert X van Loock hen)
The 258 (New Rossi x eenoogske from Leo Heremans) X ( Blauwe Gert X van Loock hen)
The 088 ” Steffie” father Steffie X mother Steffie. Both parents great racing results.


I think a great addition for our breeding loft, let’s hope for some nice youngsters.

Stefaan, thank you for your hospitality and Nikolaas Gyselbrecht from Pipa Elite Center, for the opportunity to acquire these fantastic pigeons.

11140337_622324514536669_3676508987592899738_n-300x213During the 2014 season, Nick and Piet had regular contacts with the Belgian craftsman Frans Verlinden. The youngsters that they had bought at his loft, excelled in health and during the flights they proved capable of much. For this reason, we already descended to Belgium during the season, to see the birds of the real Quievrain and Noyon player … he housed a group of pigeons whose class was immediately visible.


A colony however where no records were kept. When some results were found it turned out that Nick and Piet had found a ‘silent champion’. He had not that many pigeons, but still won top prizes. Immediately eight breeding pairs moved back to Brummen to continue the strain that produced the talented youngster. Not much later the characteristic Belgian whose deteriorating health was convinced of selling his entire colony to Nick. All breeding and racing pigeons moved to Brummen.


The colony of Frans Verlinden had a warm welcome in Brummen. After a selection 24 pigeons remained, which had to form 12 breeding pairs. For this, Frans Verlinden was called in; because who knows his birds better than the one that lived for them? “They feel better than they ever did with me,” he complimented Nick and Piet. 12 beautiful couples were made to breed beautiful youngsters. Youngsters that should be the prelude to the 2015 season and the next step in a truly promising career.

11894578_622643744504746_3543679570923983412_oIn the winter of 2014/2015 we’ve visited Gerard Koopman’s – maybe the most successful Dutch pigeon fancier of the modern era whose pigeons excel in all corners of the world. Nick asked Gerard for a fair treatment and explained the desire to highlight youngsters who could form five beautiful breeding pairs. From the best pigeons youngsters came to Brummen, growers with huge potential include the following Gerard Koopman highlights:


– ‘Fridus’ x ‘Henna’ – parents ‘Martine’ with 2nd and 9th NPO
– ‘Dundee’ – son ‘Cassius’ and thus half-brother of NPO winners ‘Daydream’ & ‘Paridon’
– ‘Mirza’ – wonder pigeon with 3rd-6th-7th-7th NPO and mother 2nd-9th NPO
– ‘Bright Blue’ – 3th Nat. acebird longdistance Fondspiegel 2011-2013
– ‘Paddington’ – super breeder of top couple ‘Brandon’ x ‘Annelies’
– ‘Zara’ – mother of NPO charts directly from ‘Ermerveens Hope’
– ‘Son Jerson’ – ‘Jerson’ was Olympiad pigeon in 2013 and is now star breeder
– ‘Daughter Ermerveens Hope’ – right out of the Olympiad pigeon and 1st-2nd NPO winner
– ‘Valmir’ – son of ‘Jerson’ x ‘Helena’, both Olympiad pigeon 2013

11140337_622324514536669_3676508987592899738_n-300x213To complement the great Koopman gains, Pete and Nick also came to the colony champion of Pieter Veenstra – who built up his team thanks to the Koopman pigeon. Pieter was asked specifically pigeons from the old base. From brothers, sisters and children of the giants some gems came to reinforce the breeding team from Brummen:


– ‘Dolce Vita’ – Best oneday pigeon in the Netherlands ever with 5x 1st Nat. Ace title and 1st-2nd-4th-8th NPO
– ‘Mr. Blue’ – 1st and 3rd Nat. cock WHZB and stem cock from the loft Pieter Veenstra

– ‘De Jan’ – top breeder and father 1st Nat. hen WHZB, 7th Nat. Ace WHZB and 1st NPO winner
– ‘Chanel No. 5’ – 1st Int. Ace allround in 2010 with 4x 1st prize. Meanwhile topbreeder in China.