aaldering-pigeons-inbred-Lincia-stefaan-lambrechtsaaldering-pigeons-brother-Lincia-stefaan-lambrechtsToday was the big day, I went to my friend Stefaan Lambrechts to collect my pigeons. I bought several pigeons at the Pipa auction. Three beautiful cocks and three hens’s with great pedigree.

The 510 cock Blauwe Gert x Van Loock duivin ( Base pair)
The 542 cock brother Lincia ” (full brother to the legend Lincia)
The 012 cock Inbred Lincia ( Lincia X her grand father)

The 745 hen (Brother goede rode X de 40000 v. Den Bulck) X (Blauwe Gert X van Loock hen)
The 258 (New Rossi x eenoogske from Leo Heremans) X ( Blauwe Gert X van Loock hen)
The 088 ” Steffie” father Steffie X mother Steffie. Both parents great racing results.


I think a great addition for our breeding loft, let’s hope for some nice youngsters.

Stefaan, thank you for your hospitality and Nikolaas Gyselbrecht from Pipa Elite Center, for the opportunity to acquire these fantastic pigeons.