11140337_622324514536669_3676508987592899738_n-300x213To complement the great Koopman gains, Pete and Nick also came to the colony champion of Pieter Veenstra – who built up his team thanks to the Koopman pigeon. Pieter was asked specifically pigeons from the old base. From brothers, sisters and children of the giants some gems came to reinforce the breeding team from Brummen:


– ‘Dolce Vita’ – Best oneday pigeon in the Netherlands ever with 5x 1st Nat. Ace title and 1st-2nd-4th-8th NPO
– ‘Mr. Blue’ – 1st and 3rd Nat. cock WHZB and stem cock from the loft Pieter Veenstra

– ‘De Jan’ – top breeder and father 1st Nat. hen WHZB, 7th Nat. Ace WHZB and 1st NPO winner
– ‘Chanel No. 5’ – 1st Int. Ace allround in 2010 with 4x 1st prize. Meanwhile topbreeder in China.