Dear pigeon fanciers, in two weeks time we will offer a great selection of youngsters from our best breeders at fixed prices. We will also offer some short distance performance racers. The offered pigeons will be of the best and proven bloodlines from “Gerard Koopman”, “Bas en Gerard Verkerk”, “Pieter Veenstra”, “Stefaan Lambrechts” etc. A unique opportunity to acquire great pedigree pigeons for fixed and realistic prices! The sale will start on 7th of November 12:00 O’clock. “First come, first serve” base. We can assist with shipping, and Pigeons can stay at our loft, when fully paid, to be collected at a later time. Please visit our website page at the 7th of November to see the first offered pigeons.

For more info you can reach me by whatsapp 0031648492637.