11140337_622324514536669_3676508987592899738_n-300x213During the 2014 season, Nick and Piet had regular contacts with the Belgian craftsman Frans Verlinden. The youngsters that they had bought at his loft, excelled in health and during the flights they proved capable of much. For this reason, we already descended to Belgium during the season, to see the birds of the real Quievrain and Noyon player … he housed a group of pigeons whose class was immediately visible.


A colony however where no records were kept. When some results were found it turned out that Nick and Piet had found a ‘silent champion’. He had not that many pigeons, but still won top prizes. Immediately eight breeding pairs moved back to Brummen to continue the strain that produced the talented youngster. Not much later the characteristic Belgian whose deteriorating health was convinced of selling his entire colony to Nick. All breeding and racing pigeons moved to Brummen.


The colony of Frans Verlinden had a warm welcome in Brummen. After a selection 24 pigeons remained, which had to form 12 breeding pairs. For this, Frans Verlinden was called in; because who knows his birds better than the one that lived for them? “They feel better than they ever did with me,” he complimented Nick and Piet. 12 beautiful couples were made to breed beautiful youngsters. Youngsters that should be the prelude to the 2015 season and the next step in a truly promising career.