1st race: Tienen (Belgium) 164 km

April the 15th was our first official race of the season. It was from Belgium, Tienen 164 km to us. It was a rather hard race they were released much later then scheduled and we had a hard time getting in the loft.. although the results were not bad from the first race:


Club 512 b: 7,8, 19,20,21,22,43,44,46 etc.
Regio 1.881 b: 23,25,42,43,45,122, 129, 132 etc.
Kring 6.267 b: 34,36, 61,61,62,63, 214,234,240 etc.


2nd race: Isnes (Belgium) 202 km

Second race of the season was from Isnes 202 km for us. Again a short distance race, not the best distance for our Pigeons but they did quite well overall. Our first pigeon was a Stefaan Lambrechts hen and our second to eight Pigeons were Gerard Koopman bloodline Pigeons. Results:


Club 510 b: 13,25,29,41,42,43,44 etc.
Kring 1.952 b: 18,46,51,80,81,82,83,119 etc.
Region 6.345 b: 25,69,75,134,139,141,143 etc.


3rd race: Quievrain (Belgium) 254 km.

The third race of the season from quievrain 254 km. Very good overall result: Our first pigeon is a yearling hen called “Miss Quievrain” bred by us.
Pedigree: Gerard Koopman vs. Pieter Veenstra Bloodline.


Club 500 b: FIRST PLACE!
Kring 1.955 b: 5th overall
Region 6.801 b: 8th overal


4th race: Chimay (Belgium) 260 km

Fourth race of the season was a great success! 260 km race from Chimay. The brothers flew as youngster both many prizes. Also first and second place prizes!


Club 496 b: 1,7,12,29,30 etc.
Kring 2.082 b: 3,14,29,57,58,94
Region 6.997 b: 3,45,104,157,158


5th race: Epernay (Belgium) 375 km

Fifth race of the season was again a great overall result for Aaldering Pigeons! Our first Pigeon the 606 bred by us, second Pigeon the 314 and third again the 474 bred by us from the famous “super breeder” couple 100% Gerard Koopman bloodline.


Club 484 b: 3,7,8,19,24,32,38,44,54,69 etc.
Kring 1 1717 b: 7,13,14,50,60,81,102,127,147,202 etc.
Region 5919 b: 16,35,36,131,160,199,253,324,374,534. etc.


6th race: Vervins (Belgium) 296 km

Sixth race of the season was last week and we did well overall. We raced from “Vervins” a race of 296 km for us

Club 464 b: 7,33,34,35,36,38,39 etc.
Kring 1994 b: 16,69,70,72,73,75,76
Region 6240 b: 24,130,131,133,134,137,138


Heads up for the next race, we will keep you up to date on our Facebook! For an overview of our top results this season see our results page!