1st race: Geel (Belgium) 131 km

Nice season start 4,10,22,34,36,38,39,43 etc. Against 6739 pigeons.

From the 96 entered pigeons 62 flew a price!

Great overall results for Aaldering Pigeons at the first official race of the 2018 season.

Liberation time: 12:45
Wind direction: W

In the first 20 minutes we clocked 60 pigeons.
We entered 96 pigeons, all are back home safe again.

Overall Results:
Region against 6739 Pigeons: 4,10,22,34,36,38,39,43,81,110 etc.
Kring against 2298 Pigeons: 4,10,21,32,34,36,37,41,78,98 etc.
Club/small region against 509 Pigeons: 3,6,12,20,22,24,25,29,46,57 etc.

3/4 of the pigeons entered are day distance racers so this race was a bit short for them.

Our first three pigeons are bred from our vitesse/short distance base breeder bloodline.


2nd race: Tienen (Belgium) 164 km

Last Saturday we had race number two from Tienen Belgium.

We had a very good overall result with a prize percentage of 50%++ overall.

164 kms, northeast wind ( wind against), we boxed/entered 99 pigeons in total.

Club against 554 pigeons:
3, 18,19,20,21,22,36,39,49,52 etc.

Area “The ijssel” against 2450 pigeons:
3,29,30,31,36,37,67,85,102,109 etc.

Region 4 against 7173 pigeons:
22,84,85,91,105,110,188,222 etc.

3rd race: Niergnies (France)

7-10-11-15-44-45-46 etc Niergnies.

Yesterday we raced from Niergnies, 297 km, good weather, wind: east.

Club against 519 pigeons:
7-10-11-15-44-45-46 etc.

Area “The ijssel” against 2122 pigeons:
9-15-16-30-94-95 etc.

Region 4 against 7100 pigeons:
13-31-33-73 etc.

Pretty good overall result, the east wind was a bit though for our yearling pigeons but they did well. Results can always be better, motivated for next week.

Our first three pigeons are al direct family from our Gerard Koopman bloodline “Jerson”.

4th race: Quievrain (Belgium) 255 km

Last Saturday we raced from Quievrain 255 km. Good overall result.

I think they are getting in shape for the day distance races quite well.
Training is going very good and the are getting better every week, they should be ready for the day distance races that are starting within two weeks. Hopes are high!


Club level, against 480 pigeons:
7-11-15-18-24-26-29-34-35 etc.

Level area The ijssel against 2135 pigeons:
10-17-27-32-53-55-72-86 etc.

Region against 6955 pigeons:
24-40-58-78-120-122 etc.

5th race: Pithiviers (France) 518 km

Great result Pithiviers

3rd  against 1890 pigeons.

Last Saturday we had our first day distance race from Pithiviers France. 518 km and tough weather conditions with wind direction east and 25-27 degrees.

Our first pigeons was a 2014 hen the “339”.

See preformed very well over the last couple of years.

Club: 2nd against 426 pigeons.
Area: 3rd against 1890 pigeons.
Region: 22nd against 6699 pigeons.

6th race: Vervins (France) 297 km

Great result Vervins
2-5-11-29 etc against 1397 pigeons
6-11-24-78 etc. against 4301 pigeons.
2-3-5-16 etc. against 334 pigeons

Last Saturday we had our last short distance race from Vervins France, 297 km.

A hard race with east wind and warm weather so though weather conditions.

We are very pleased with the overall result.